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Nowadays there is no doubt that English has become the most important language. There are so many reasons to start learning English such as:

  • It is the language of Globalization. With the increasing effects of globalisation people have to move to other countries for many reasons and in most cases, English is the only common language to interact with people. May not be the most spoken language in the world, but it is used in a large number of countries. It is estimated that the number of people in the world who use English to communicate on a regular basis is more than 2 billion.
  • It is the dominant business language and it has become almost a necessity for people to speak English. Business communication is most often conducted in English. Learning English can really change your life.
  • Most of the content produced on the internet is in English including the scientific literature and the latest researches in every field of knowledge. So knowing English will allow you to access an incredible amount of information which may not be available otherwise!

In order to ensure that our students learn English and beneficiate from all these advantages, we are developing some activities which allow them to achieve every point mentioned before. The activities give students the tools they will need to interact and express themselves in real life situations.

Some of the most representative activities are: Movies and series; The English corner; Bilingual camp, theatre and Erasmus plus.

Watching movies is an excellent teaching and learning tool. Learning from movies is motivating and enjoyable as well as provides and authentic and varied language. It allows practising with our students grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation through worksheets and projects after watching movies.

The English corner is also a well-known space. We used it to stick idioms and expressions that we are working with students in order to enrich their English and make them sound like a native speaker. Also it is a good reminder because they see it every day. 

The bilingual camp provides a rich and unique range of experiences to have an unforgettable experience of learning. We seek to show children a new way of learning based on play, developing big questions and exploring the world with their bodies and with others. The camp provides a wonderful opportunity for bilingual children to experience a daily language practise without the pressure of assessment by doing enjoyable activities such as rafting, sports games, orientation races and so on.

Theatre or Drama provides an excellent platform for exploring theoretical and practical aspects of the English language; it’s an effective tool to capture the attention of the students. It also has the potential of making the learning experience fun for the students and even memorable because it is interactive and visual. In the same manner it allows the acquisition of a meaningful, fluent interaction in the target language. As well as fully contextualized acquisition of new vocabulary and structure with the assimilation of a whole range of pronunciation in a contextualized and interactional manner. Drama will improve the sense of confidence in the student in his or her ability to learn the English language.

Erasmus + ” a sustainable future” is an European project. Six countries are taking part in this programme: France, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Slovenia, and Germany.

The main goals of the project are the improvement and learning of new languages as well as learn from others cultures.

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